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Catalina Andersson

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People often search for years without getting answers because they are not addressing the root cause.

Many therapies and healing modalities do not acknowledge that we are much more than a physical body.

We are all made of vibrational energy that is conditioned by our experience, genetics, karmic and Divine history. When old structures, karmic patterns, contracts, programs, trauma, and negative energies, which have been stored deep within our DNA structure or cellular memory are released, healing and rapid transformation occur.

As an energy practitioner, I have been working for several years, with a multidimensional healing approach. Using this approach, I’ve helped thousands of people to connect with their inner wisdom, to empower themselves, to activate their gifts, and co-create the life they are meant to live.

Working with the Seven Body Model (Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Causal, Spiritual and Divine dimensions), and utilizing high vibrational frequencies and tools, profound changes can be obtained.

Some of the benefits of using a multidimensional healing approach are:

About Me

After many years of intense work, I now call myself an energy transformer, a life healer, and an angel alchemist. Working with a multi-dimensional healing approach, which I learned training with Dr Gene Ang, I am serving as a channel to bring positive change to this world.


I can´t put into words how much Catalina has helped me release old wounds and grow into a stronger and better version of myself. Her transmissions and healing tools were very effective.
Monica Thompson
After having some sessions, several areas of my life have improved drastically. I feel much more centered and with great peace. Thank you, Catalina!
Angela Moretti
Last year, I was struggling to sell my house. It was a huge property and all I had. A friend of mine, highly recommended to call Catalina. I spoke to her, sent several pictures from my house and surroundings. She said she needed to clean and transform the energy of my house. Kaboom!! House was sold in less than a month and I got more than I thought I could. Beautiful work, thank you Catalina.
Marissa Lepley
Catalina is an amazing healer. Her sessions are powerful. She removed so many blockages! My life flows easily.
Tamara Shearer
I´ve been working with Catalina for about 4 years. She has guided me with my business and personal life. I was able to control my anxiety with great success. Her clairvoyance helped me find a very important missing legal paper.
Catalina Montfort
I had suffered from headaches and migraines for long time. Tried everything to ease the pain. Diets, normal and alternative medicine, different therapies, nothing worked. In 2018, I met Catalina who taught me the power of energy and that we are multidimensional beings. Her teachings helped me to be aware of my energy and my emotions. I feel much better and I am ready to learn much more!. Thank you Catalina!
Cecilia Alvarez
While skiing, I severely fractured my right tibia and fibula. I received several therapy sessions from Catalina. The sessions helped me recover, my emotional and physical health. My surgeon was truly amazed with my fast recovery. This past February I was able to return to the slopes and conquer the mountain once more.
Betina Martínez
Thanks to Catalina´s teachings and healing sessions, radical changes have manifested in my life. Physically, my diabetes is in control, I have much more energy and I feel great. Spiritually, I feel more connected with the Supreme Being, I am thankful and ready to receive all miracles life has for me. I also have to mention that now, I am capable of manifesting the life I want. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Francisco Mercado
Catalina´s session was a truly positive experience. I felt the change immediately! I felt lighter, happier and at ease.
Shirley Ramones