I am Catalina Andersson

I born and raised in Mexico, formally trained in Literature and Marketing and founder of Andersson Healing Solutions.

After many years of facing adversity and challenges, of not liking my life, of constantly living in chaos and realizing that I was my worst enemy; I was luckily introduced to energy world, to Spirit, and meditation. Pranic Healing, a path that allowed me to improve my health, gain inner peace and transform my life. In 2005, I was blessed by coming to Switzerland. A beautiful, rich and safe paradise that allowed me to upgrade myself through deep study and intense training of different healing modalities: Pranic Healing, Arcturian Healing Method, Biogeometry, Vibrational Healing, Theta Healing, and The Angel Alchemy Academy.

Through them, I was introduced to powerful tools and frequencies, that allowed me to connect to my inner wisdom and gain clarity, to accelerate my spiritual growth, to fulfill my soul’s highest potential and become a healing channel.

After many years of intense work, I now call myself an energy transformer, a life healer, and an angel alchemist. Working with a multi-dimensional healing approach, which I learned training with Dr Gene Ang, I am serving as a channel to bring positive change to this world.

"Helping others has become my passion, my purpose, and my power".