During these sessions,  I will be channeling for you.

Energies come directly from the Divine, through Arcturian consciousness. I will  be using the Arcturian healing frequencies.

For people who are new to this style of healing session, the frequencies are being transmitted while there is silence.

I just announce which frequency is being used and then I silence as they come across.

Whenever I start a new frequency, I will announce it.

During silence, the frequencies are working in your subtle bodies and consciousness.

You can receive this session by lying down, or seated, whatever is most comfortable… The frequencies will appear in your field through resonance.

Every time you listen to this recording, it will be a unique and fresh linkage to the frequencies that I am using.

Just relax, receive and enjoy the session which is approximately 10-20 minutes. If possible, try placing your tongue at the roof of your mouth. That will allow your front and back energy channels to be connected.